Q4. Problems in the Neighborhood

PG Survey Table 3

Survey participants were read some items about the neighborhood. For each of these, participants were asked whether the item is a problem for them, and, if it is a problem, is it a major or minor problem.

The results shown combine both major and minor problems. Both groups agree that a lack of affordable retail is a problem in the neighborhood. Those inside Potomac Gardens also see the lack of activities for youth as a problem, while those outside find high property values to be a problem.

Both groups agree that crime is a problem, but more of those who live outside of Potomac Gardens believe this to be true.   Perhaps on a related note, 6 of the 20 surveyed inside Potomac Gardens saw Police Harassment as a problem while only one person surveyed outside of Potomac Gardens had this concern.

6.  In the past two years, have you participated in any of the following?

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