OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAProject Director: Liane Scott is a documentary filmmaker and media instructor based in Washington, DC. Working for several DC nonprofits, she encouraged DC residents to create media about societal issues that are crucial to them and their communities. As a filmmaker, Ms. Scott produced several documentaries, including Is This The Ghetto, in which tenants of a public housing complex work to keep their homes from being sold to a developer, I Apologize: A Closer Look at Kiddie Car Thefts, which profiles young offenders attempting to veer away from a path of crime and The Ripple Effect: Our Stories, a youth-led documentary that focuses on the struggles of young women of color in Washington, DC’s Columbia Heights community. In 2013, she founded Grassroots DC, the non-profit behind the production of Potomac Gardens Inside and Out.

maine cameraPrincipal Videographer: John Tuzcu is the founder of 24Lanterns, a professional video, audio, and live streaming service based in Washington, DC. He has been making films for over a decade as a director, producer, editor, and cinematographer. He trained and worked at the Maine Media Workshops in 2010 and studied Film and Literature at Boğaziçi Üniversitisi in Istanbul in 2004 and received a BA in Philosophy, Literature and the History of Film from Miami University in 2007. He attended the 2014 Cannes Film Festival as an editor with the short film *The Housewife*. He works in both film and video, and has made documentaries, shorts, experimental and essay films that have been shown all around the world. Tuzcu has shot most of the main interviews in the documentary and is responsible for much of the look of the project.

Bockman_IIHumanities Scholar: Professor Johanna Bockman of George Mason University began the blog Sociology in My Neighborhood: DC Ward 6 because she thought that discussions about gentrification, race, and class in her Capitol Hill neighborhood could benefit from the decades of research conducted by sociologists. “Sociologists built their profession by studying cities and continue to do some of the most exciting, cutting- edge work in this area,” writes Professor Bockman. Her blog receives over 20,000 hits a year and has followers in DC’s influential blogosphere. She has been quoted in Greater Greater Washington, Susie’s Budget and Policy Corner, The Washington City Paper and more. Johanna Bockman is responsible for the neighborhood survey, which has helped us to get to know community members and identify interview subjects. She also helps us to understand the history of Potomac Gardens and does most of the research for this project.

Emma_LanceDocumentary Intern: Emma Lance is a senior at Georgetown University who lives about three blocks from the Potomac Gardens Public Housing Complex. She has been interning on Potomac Gardens: Inside and Out since early 2014. As documentary intern, Emma has helped gather and tabulate survey results, transcribed interviews, edited interview into short video podcasts and has designed the website that you’re reading now.  In addition, Emma has assisted in the production of many student projects. In the spring of 2016, she will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. After graduation, Ms. Lance hopes to pursue her interests in writing and producing.

computer classSurvey Production: In preparation for the documentary, a random survey was conducted within Potomac Gardens and the blocks immediately surrounding the complex. The survey itself was produced by Johanna Bockman and Liane Scott with the assistance of the following individuals from Grassroots DC’s fall 2013 basic computer class: Sylvia Drummond, Olivia Green, Celess Hardy, Stamford “Fred” Hoston, Robin Jeter, Carolyn Johnson, Tim Parker, Webster Phillips and Ronald Webster-Bey.

SurveyorsSurvey Team: Once the survey questions were complete, a team of students and Grassroots DC volunteers interviewed community members. They were Lishan Amde, Johanna Bockman, Laurie Feld, Sahar Haghighat, Brenda Hayes, Shameka Jones, Adwoa Masozi, Joshua Rose Schmidt, Jason Smith, John Tuzcu, Ernestine Ward and Bianca Wythe.

Transcribers and Assistant Editors: As interviews are being completed for the documentary, they must be transcribed and edited into segments that will eventually be uploaded to this site. Our team of transcribers and assistant editors currently includes: Myrlande Charles, Emma Lance and Ernestine Ward.

Historical Research: Although the information presented by those we interview cannot always be verified, the facts that we include in the narration are double-checked by a team of local historians including but not limited to Johanna Bockman, Bell Julian Clement, Perry Frank and George Derek Musgrove.  Through their research, we have also been able to fill out our knowledge and understanding of the Potomac Gardens Public Housing Complex, Capitol Hill and public housing in general.

Video-CrewSecond Unit Camera Team: In addition to interviews, every documentary includes secondary footage that includes shots of the neighborhood and action that relates to the issues being discussed in the interviews or covered in the narration. So far the following camera operators have contributed second unit photography: Brenda Hayes, Thomasia Moore, Liane Scott and John Tuzcu.  We’ve also utilized some of the younger members of the Potomac Gardens community to gather video.  Larry Jackson, Monica Jackson, Alexander Ross, Alexis Ross and Lenwood Ward have all taken turns with the camera.

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