Ruth Kemp

Ruth Kemp has lived in Potomac Gardens since it opened in 1967.  She moved in as a widow with four children.  Her experience is unique, as is everyone’s experience within Potomac Gardens.  She was interviewed for this documentary project in the fall of 2013.  Above each audio clip is a brief description of what you will hear.

Ruth’s life before Washington, D.C.

Education and work experience before marriage:

Moving into Potomac Gardens:

The struggle to find housing before Potomac Gardens:

Crime in Potomac Gardens:

Living and raising children in Potomac Gardens:

Moving within Potomac Gardens and changes throughout the years:

Building maintenance and other issues:

The fences surrounding Potomac Gardens:

The fences surrounding Potomac Gardens continued:

Social life in Potomac Gardens:

Ruth discusses her children’s upbringing, and their education in the clips below. In addition, she touches on life after her husband’s passing and her experience with receiving survivor’s benefits.

Ruth’s children:

Ruth’s daughter Lucretia:


Ruth discusses her son, Robert, who was also interviewed for the documentary. Robert went from Elliott Junior High to Eastern, where he was the president of his class.
Ruth’s son Robert, president of his high school class:

Ruth’s daughter Katrina and her military service:

Raising boys:

Government assistance:

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