Any documentary can be put together in an infinite number of ways. The editor ultimately decides which interviews to include, which clips to include from each interview and the order in which they fall. The camera operators, director and editor may be aware of the many stories that are captured during the production process but there is no way to include all the stories in the finished documentary.

In an effort to be as transparent as possible regarding this project specifically and the documentary production process in general, we are posting most of the interviews here. Anyone with an interest in Potomac Gardens, the Hill East neighborhood or documentary production can explore these pages to learn more.

The first interview posted is of Ruth Kemp, a Potomac Gardens resident. She is one of the very few residents who has lived in Potomac Gardens since it was built in 1967. She did not want to appear on camera but was willing to be recorded on audio. CLICK HERE TO GO TO RUTH KEMP’S INTERVIEW

Robert Kemp is Ruth Kemp’s son. He grew up in Potomac Gardens but moved out after high school. He has had some difficulties in his life, most of which took place after he left Potomac Gardens. TO WATCH ROBERT KEMP’S INTERVIEW CLICK HERE.