Q10. Which of the following are concerns for you?

Picture 13


We asked about 19 potential worries. I have included the 7 with the highest numbers for either group. Those inside and outside share the highlighted concerns.

Both groups are concerned that they don’t have enough money for retirement, although folks outside are more worried about this then those inside. Both groups have needed the police or an ambulance, which is not surprising since both groups are also concerned about crime.

Many individuals from both groups are paying more than 1/3 of their income in rent or a mortgage. Public housing residents aren’t supposed to pay more than 1/3 of their income on rent but it does happen.

Of those worries we asked about, those outside as a group had fewer of them (grand total of 69 points) than those inside Potomac Gardens as a group (grand total of 102 points). Potomac Gardens residents were more likely to worry about finding better work, having enough money to pay their bills, taking in relatives who’ve fallen on hard times and having mental or healthcare issues that interfere with their ability to make a living.


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